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saas.unbound podcast, episode #50


In Episode #50 of saas.unbound podcast, Tim Schumacher, Co-Founder of, was able to delve into their acquisition approach for bootstrapped SaaS businesses, stressing the significance of cultural alignment alongside tech and finance aspects. He shares insights on integration, acquisition criteria, and market impact.

(0:00:05) - From Idea to

Tim Schumacher unveils the journey behind the ompany's formation, shaped by his entrepreneurial background. He talks about their first acquisition choice, emphasizing cultural resonance. Tim discusses recognizing roles as a CEO or co-founder and transitioning with growth.

(0:14:51) - Embracing SaaS Business Sales

Explore how SaaS founders attain security via business sales. Tim Schumacher talks about's growth strategy targeting businesses with $1-5M revenue, offering financial stability while founders remain involved and the importance of remainig flexible.

(0:21:18) - Triggers for Business Sale

Tim notes various reasons for founders to sell, from reaping rewards to life changes. Acquiring businesses entails challenges and requires open founder communication for smooth transitions.

(0:33:51) - Smart Business Selling

Tim advises treating acquisitions as a product-market fit exercise. He highlights seeking advice for optimal decisions and fostering compatibility between acquirer and business.


This episode will be helpful to founders who are already looking into potential acquirers' profiles and for those who are just toying with an idea of selling the business in the future.

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