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My 2014 recap

by Tim Schumacher
2014 was a fun and exciting year for my various projects: My main project Eyeo (makers of Adblock Plus) has grown to a team of 40 awesome people in the heart of Cologne, loved by over 60 million Internet users worldwide, and finding itself in the midst of a huge controversy amongst supporters and haters on the publisher and advertiser side. A battle which will probably go on for a few more years, and which will play an important role in the question of which rights and which amount of freedom every Internet user can enjoy., the green search engine, also had a great year, and we are very proud to have planted one million trees in our effort to help reforestation and fight global warming.
YieldKit, Aklamio and Apptopia all enjoyed a year of impressive growth. My German flee market app Stuffle found a new home at ImmoScout24.  I was also happy to help my friend Antonio in starting ZenShopping, and last, but not least, among all this Internet stuff, helping the local Cologne team Convida in their mission to finally bring fresh Mexican food to Germany ;-)
Looking forward to hear how 2014 was for you, and what we can do together in 2015.