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My TEDx talk

How a small startup forced a billion dollar industry to change

It was super-exciting to speak at TEDxEhrenfeld and tell the Adblock Plus / eyeo story from the very beginning... and the video is live as of yesterday on the official TEDx channel!

But to be honest, I struggled a bit this time: usually I speak without a script, but this time was different. TEDx' preparation was excellent (the best I every experienced as a speaker!), and per guidance of TED they strongly encourage speakers to prepare a full script. I wrote it (thanks Mark for your help!), and I was really happy with the story line, but when delivering my speech, I definitely needed too many glipses at my notes. Guess I really need to reherse more next time ;)

Definitely a learning experience for me! Huge thanks to the TEDx Ehrenfeld community, especially to Julia and Gabriel! You all rocked!